Account Handling  

Your trade account will be promptly acknowledged and an initial Federal Trade Commission approved dunning notice will be sent. It advises the debtor of our intervention and requests payment in full.


During the next 28 business days our agency implements our collection expertise in a diligent, professional and concise manner.

No account is held at our office for more than 35 days unless a definite arrangement and realistic schedule for payment has been reached to satisfy the debt owed to you.


If we cannot secure the debtors cooperation in 35 day period, we will forward the account to a bonded attorney in the debtors jurisdiction to protect your interests. The debtor will then be dunned by the attorney at no cost to you.

If the debtor refuses to cooperate with the attorney a law suit will only be filed upon YOUR written approval. Fee contingent on collection.   

No settlement will be made without your approval.

Status reports are provided on a regular basis for each account as developments occur.

If an account files for bankruptcy we will gladly file a proof of claim on your behalf at no charge.


Download Claim Placement Form (PDF)